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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Robert A. Findlay

University of Minnesota - B.A. Arch '63, B.Arch '67
ISU - M.Arch '75
Oxford Brookes University, UK - PhD '96

What was the most important thing/skill/concept you learned at the School of Architecture?
The need to get beyond elitist notions of social change that were inherent in modernism as taught in the '60s and to honestly engage community and user interests in the design process.

Who made the most lasting impression (most influenced you) and why?
A visiting lecturer from Scandinavia in the '60s, who engaged students in rich conversations about their design work, making the link to its social importance and the students' experience.

Cite an example (be specific) that illustrates how you used the education you received at the School of Architecture to positively impact (or better) your community, city, nation or the world.
I have had four Peace Corps assignments through my career years; rural school construction in Colombia in '63-'65, disaster management work in Peru in 1970, the Cook Islands in '98, and El Salvador in '99.

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