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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Joel H. Goodman

WEB-Ralph Rapson and Joel H. Goodman 1975 EA Classroom with wind turbines student project review.jpg

WEB-EA I assemble student project 1975.jpg

These photos were taken in 1975 at an Earth Awareness Portable Classroom review in Rapson Hall. I was a faculty member at the time, teaching a studio design course. As extra work, I initiated the Earth Awareness Portable Classroom project with students from Dennis Holloway's environmental design course. I offered the project to Holloway's many many students, and a team took on the project.

An undergrad student mechanical engineering project was coordinated with the Earth Awareness Portable Classroom project being designed and fabricated by architecture students spring quarter of 1975. Renewable energy systems were designed for a transportable educational resource, an inflatable classroom that could be entered for media presentations. Prof. Frohrib's ME 5-254 and 5-255 engineering students presented two basic energy systems; power for the systems of the earth balloon (lighting, projection, fan) and power for transporting the portable facility in a truck (small wind generators, batteries, and a multi fuel truck motor). Small tilt up and down wind generators were mounted on the top of the truck.

Students on the project are pictured in front of Ralph Rapson and me (Joel Goodman). Dan Feidt is pictured with the video camera in the lower photo.

After attending the U of MN, Joel went on to earn an Master of Architecture degree from MIT. He currently resides in Dodgeville, Wisconsin.

View a gallery of some of his work


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