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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Joel H. Goodman

University of Minnesota - B.Arch '66
MIT - M.Arch '68

What was the most important thing/skill/concept you learned at the School of Architecture?
I learned how to develop architectural conceptual ideas into designs that can be realized and associated communication techniques.

Who made the most lasting impression (most influenced you) and why?
Ralph Rapson accepted me into the School of Architecture at Grade 3 design as a transfer student from the University of Illinois. We met in his office over the steak restaurant and he said, "Come on." There was not much bureaucracy at that time. The University of Minnesota architectural education environment at that time greatly influenced me, and Rapson for the most part organized and formed it.

What is your favorite memory from your studio days?
The educational sincerity, atmosphere of integrity, and camaraderie with students and faculty in the architecture court building.

Please identify one (or more) memorable design project that you worked on while a student at the School of Architecture.
The University of California at Santa Cruz Arts Theater Center thesis project.

What major forces (such as individual architects, design philosophies, rendering styles, research methods, etc.) do you remember influencing you significantly as a student?
To search for a synthesis of structural-material logic and non-whimsical aesthetic forms. A lasting and important influence was the quality of the architectural court building design. I think I was overly influenced by Rapson's grease pencil cartoon drawing style. Most students, as I did as well, tried and followed the rendering styles that were in fashion at the time. However, looking back it was the quality of the architecture court building design and the vibration of earnestness from the cumulative efforts of the faculty and students that has had the most lasting quality influence. The School of Architecture court building, as I realized years after my student and teaching days at the U of M, is an outstanding and rare integration of the influences of the minimum slim steel clean spaces of Mies and the hyperbolic shells of Candella, North and South, unified with the daylit court pedestrian square, all wrapped in the unpretentious humility of Midwest brick masonry. It touched me in my formative days like no other building has. Is it John Rauma that we have to thank for the design of the School of Architecture court building?

Cite an example (be specific) that illustrates how you used the education you received at the School of Architecture to positively impact (or better) your community, city, nation or the world.
Environmental regeneration as a basis for urban design and building integrated active solar energy research.

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