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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ross Asselstine

University of Minnesota - B.Arch '83

What was the most important thing/skill/concept you learned at the School of Architecture?
Question everything. Try to work on the most challenging projects possible. Find a passion and learn as much as possible all the time.

Who made the most lasting impression (most influenced you) and why?
The men I worked with on construction sites and my engineering professors. I love architecture but the others guys made me unique in the field.

What is your favorite memory from your studio days?
The camaraderie. We were all close like no other degree because of the process.

Please identify one (or more) memorable design project that you worked on while a student at the School of Architecture.
Energy and transport issues were a great parallel on some assignments and the Marble Mover was hilarious.

What major forces (such as individual architects, design philosophies, rendering styles, research methods, etc.) do you remember influencing you significantly as a student?
Wright, Johnson, and Hippie Naive architecture.

Cite an example (be specific) that illustrates how you used the education you received at the School of Architecture to positively impact (or better) your community, city, nation or the world.
Architects have to lead teams. Group projects pretty much suck, but they are absolutely essential because if you can't lead and learn to lead, you will never be an architect.

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