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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nathan F. Knutson

University of Minnesota - M.Arch '95

What was the most important thing/skill/concept you learned at the School of Architecture?
Design thinking and avoiding preconceptions.

Who made the most lasting impression (most influenced you) and why?
First year studio with Andrzej Piotrowski.

What is your favorite memory from your studio days?
The close friendships developed with those who maintained the same hours as I did!

Please identify one (or more) memorable design project that you worked on while a student at the School of Architecture.
Tower and Bridge project with Vincent James and Julie Snow. The final jury had significant national jurors.

What major forces (such as individual architects, design philosophies, rendering styles, research methods, etc.) do you remember influencing you significantly as a student?
In the era of deconstruction, the exhibit at the Walker Art Center of Russian Constructivism.

Cite an example (be specific) that illustrates how you used the education you received at the School of Architecture to positively impact (or better) your community, city, nation or the world.
Architecture school, studio in particular, engages many different and diverse issues. I believe that those around me see that as a significant leadership talent that, for better or for worse, puts me in the firing line for leadership roles in the community.

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